• Abe Sapien

    A poster of Abe Sapien, a character from the Hellboy universe created by illustrator and writer Mike Mignola.


  • Rebel by Bernard Cornwell

    Cover illustration for Rebel, published by Record.


  • N Design SP

    Illustration for Design N 2015 to be held in São Paulo.

  • Regular Show

    Estabelecimento did the cover for the Regular Show – Skips comics.


  • Insert Brazil

    Poster to promote the Design Today panel held at the design conference  Insert.

  • Mundo Estranho

    The Bloody History of Medicine: blood, sweat and tears on the cover illustration of Mundo Estranho magazine.


  • PFC Moodboard

    Concept Illustration for an animation pitch to the PFC football channel.


  • Adventure Time

    Adventure Time: Candy Capers cover artwork.

  • MCD

    MCD shirt design.

  • Stolarski ADG

    ADG 2014 catalogue page in honor of André stolarski.


  • Where the Wild Things Are

    Illustrator Cory Godbey invited many artists and illustrators to be part of his project Terrible Yellow Eyes.


  • Letters From

    Cover for Letters From band debut EP.

  • Game of Thrones

    Illustrations for special Game of Thrones issue published by Abril.


  • Ben Kweller

    Poster for Ben Kweller concert, produced by Queremos!

  • Monalisa

    Poster for Monalisa printing company.


  • R Design Recife 2014

    Poster and T-shirt design for R Design, a design students conference.

  • Cafédirect

    Illustrations for the English brand Cafédirect campaign.


  • ENOX Expressions

    Indoor artshow curated by IdeaFixa.


  • Sketchbook Vol. II

    Download the full sketchbook.


  • Mundo Estranho

    Psycho animals! Illustrations for Mundo Estranho magazine.


  • LeNovo

    Illustrations for the “Unlikely Situations Survival Guide ” Lenovo.


  • Cândido

    Illustrations for Candido, the literary journal of Parana’s Public Library.


  • ❦ Hospital Moinhos de Vento

    Hearts for Moinhos de Vento Cardiology Center.


  • Sketchbook vol. I

    Full sketchbook for download.


  • O homem Que era Verde

    Cover for the book of author Laly Cataguazes.


  • R Expansão

    Poster for the Regional Meeting of Design Students in 2013.


  • Lama Magazine

    Illustration for independent magazine.


  • Vampires Monstruous Almanac

    A bloody book by Editora Abril.


  • Flying in the Face of Logic

    Art for the solo album from english musician Kevin Ridley.


  • Florense Magazine

    Comic page for the  Florense furniture magazine.

  • Windmill

    Infographic for Aventuras na História magazine.

  • Artex

    Household linen designs.


  • Reserva Inglesa

    Rossi construction condo launch.


  • Curta Circuito

    Illustrations for the film festival.


  • Banco de Ideias

    Casa Brasil collective design show.


  • Zombies Monster Almanac

    Undead book by Editora Abril.


  • Julius Caesar

    Art for Aventuras na História magazine.


  • Spartans

    Adventures in History and the training of warriors.


  • Cthulhu Tales

    In the mountains of madness.


  • Big Pitcher

    Estabelecimento was commissioned to create illustrations and design for the Big Pitcher brewery in India !


  • Alice: madness Returns

    Illustrations for the game!


  • Ghost Rider

    A tribute to a great Marvel Character.


  • Fuck Status Quotes

    Sid Lee Collective, the art collective from Sid lee studio in Canada invited Estabelecimento to participate on their show and art charity sale.